21 Day Move Your Body Challenge

This smile is of peace and happiness felt after investing in myself!

These 21 Days have been the best time spent on myself!!! I chose me by doing some healthy exercise, body movement, eating, and quality time with my peeps during this journey!! I also had my cheat pig out moments for some good food! Check my IG. Y’all know I’m a foodie!! Shout out to my girl Oluchi Enemana for motivating me and partnering with me during this journey. I started off so busy that it made it hard to find the energy to work out.

So, I just had to commit to do as many days as I could even with a simple exercise like yoga, walking, dancing etc. Even those days I felt much better after and sleeping was a lot easier. I got it down to a routine of exercise, take a nice long bath then wind down for bed. It has been for my health to commit to myself first. Now this is helping me with keeping a clear mind to start getting back in the shape I was before COVID. COVID had me sitting still & not moving due to working at home in front of a computer. I will keep moving forward and keep progressing.

“Make a goal and progress towards it step by step”

LaToya Lanise

AKA “Lala the Plant Bae”


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