D.I.Y Home

Create the home of your dreams all in your budget!

I’m a D.I.Y. home designer and love to both create and purchase items for home. Currently, my theme is a rustic chic theme. It is so easy and cheap to use your own photography to accentuate your home.  I love nature and travel so I photograph landscapes and cityscapes then turn them into pieces of art in my home. Try having them printed on a canvas or blowing up the pictures and framing them as art in your home.


Create your old coasters by using wooden cutouts and furniture sliders. Or used tiles and put felt or foam stickers on the back. Use Mod Podge to be an adhesive on the back by painting a layer with a brush.  Next, add a paper photo or picture of choice. Then, paint on top to create a glossy layer. Last, spray with 2-3 coats of acrylic gloss for the finish.



Reuse olive oil, wine bottles or Mason jars to be decor. Wrap mesh ribbon, twine, or burlap or paint with chalk paint to make a rustic feel. Feels like home sweet home!