LaLa’s Natural Hair Beauty

Wash hair, use a detangler and leave in conditioner. I use Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch Detangling Therapy and Curl LaLa Curl Mustard. I apply into four big sections. Then, part hair by section in midsized parts. Use Rasta Afri Pre-Stretched Hair in 1B/27 and 1B for blond-like highlights. They are waiste length.

Next, make medium small sized pieces of the hair then attach to the medium parts. Make parts smaller on thicker parts of your hair and bigger on the thin parts of your hair. Do in rows. Braid all the way down then tie in a not at the bottom. Dip in hot water then trim using a razor or scissors. Add shells, beads, ribbon or charms for decoration🤩

Rast Afri Greek Curl Crochet Hair
Easy to french braids hair, sew braids together at the back. Then attach hair with a latch hook needle. Looks so versatile and neat. I got compliments all the time for it ☺


Latch hook braids are versatile and can give you a brand new look. Pictured above are faux dreads with a pop of color. Cornrow hair then attach dreads with a latch hook needle.

Medium size box braids with Goddess Braids Hair with a curl at the end. No need to dip the braids in 1B/27🙌🏾 Looks so puuuurrrrrrty!!!
Freetress Pre-loop Yaki Latch Hook Hair
Very natural flowing look! Part hair to leave 1 1/2inch thickness at crown of hair around the edges of hairline. Make a part on the top where you want the hair to fall, leaving 1 inch of hair out on both sides to cover tracks. French braid the back hair in zigzags sew with weave thread to secure. Then connect latch hook hair and secure the rubber band on the end. Flat iron real hair to blend. Comb hair over tracks with a rat tail comb and brush. Blow dry synthetic hair to style

Bonita Passion twists with individual box braids and latch hook cornrows in the middle.

Jamaican Style Braids

So trendy and easy !!! Part hair into large size squares about 10-12 depending on the hair size. Follow the crown and hump of your head to part. Use stretched medium thickness Rastafri jumbo hair packs in color of choice…