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Creative writing “If I were president” on white boards. Then editing to fix mistakes! Fun practice 🤩 #teachylearn #dream #reflect #goodtimes #teachersofig #whiteboard #practice #writingpractice #editing #teachingwriting #writing #educator

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Virtual Learning Online Transition

-Use GLAD Strategies to make online learning fun.  Use the posters as Observation Charts for the students to observe the pictures to activate prior knowledge.  Student’s can write in journals or on white boards to responds to what they learned about and make connections. The kids love the pictures and get excited to share what they see.

-Can also read books to the kids and they draw and write what they hear to stay engaged the entire time. This is a GLAD Strategy called Listen and Draw.

Incorporate GLAD Strategies, Project Based Learning, and Zike’s Foldables, etc. to enhance vocabulary and extend learning.

Make your class bright and fun! Decorate for the holidays.

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st patty

Have at least 1 board where all student’s work can be displayed. Create centers with pocket charts and word lists. Can be for any age. Kids sort words  in groups.